[DB-SIG] Oracle Module for win32??

Risney, Marc S msrisney@ingr.com
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 01:04:41 -0500

Yes, both mxODBC and M. HAmmond's ODBC from the win32 do work
however Performance, seems a bit off,
on a joined query, where a 100K recordset table is keyed, the query takes
roughly 30 - 40 secs to retrieve the resulting recordset..and roughly the
same time in a VBA from using the supplied Oracle ODBC driver

with an Oracle OLE object in a VB Form the same query results almost

it seems that the overhead of the ODBC is slowing my app down, since I would
like to develop a client that is "cross platform" using Tkinter< I am trying
to work with this object

any help would be appreciated

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>>> "Risney, Marc S" wrote
> Hey Pythoneers,
> I am attempting to work with Digitalk Creations DCOracle , but cannot get
> to compile,
> does anyone please have a compiled .pyd or a decent Oracle module
> please help..

Does ODBC not work for you?