[DB-SIG] Persistent Storage of Objects

glinds - Greg Lindstrom glinds@acxiom.com
Mon, 3 Apr 2000 08:10:07 -0500


I have been writing an application for volunteer fire departments and am to the point of designing a database.  I have read Joel Shprentz's paper Persistent Storage of Python Objects in Relational Databases (Proceedings of the 6th International Python Conference) and am wondering what is the "state of the art"?  The program I am writing is OO, so this seems method seems ideal for my application.

I have looked at Gadfly and mySQL; Gadfly wins because this must run on windows (no holy flames, please) and must be no cost to the departments.

Are there examples out there (storage of objects), other than the one given in the back of the paper?  Has this concept (saving objects) become the status quo?  

Thanks for you comments/help.

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