[DB-SIG] Persistent Storage of Objects

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 03 Apr 2000 23:55:20 +0200

"Andrew M. Kuchling" wrote:
> glinds - Greg Lindstrom writes:
> >Are there examples out there (storage of objects), other than the one
> >given in the back of the paper?  Has this concept (saving objects)
> >become the status quo?
> It doesn't seem like it; Joel Shprentz's paper discusses mapping
> Python to a relational DB, and that seems to be about it.  Recently I
> played around with the idea a bit before moving on to other things.
> I wonder if writing some standard framework for this sort of thing
> would be a useful task for the DB-SIG?

I'm not sure whether a general framework is possible -- guess
everybody has their own specific needs. The range of applications
is huge: from simple dictionary like interfaces to tables to
complete nested object hierarchies with auto-load and -store,
version control and all the goodies in that bag. Plus maybe
meta-information control to build search engines on top of the
stored objects. 
> (This is actually a good question; the DB-SIG is rather quiet these
> days, with only occasional specific questions about a particular DB
> module.  Should the SIG be doing something such as an object->relation
> mapper?  A ODMG binding for Python?  Thoughts?)

I'd rather like to see a DB API compatible JDBC interface...

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