[DB-SIG] Python, DB2, Solaris and NT

Magnus Lycka Magnus Lycka <magnus@thinkware.se>
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:16:22 +0200

I have to admit (blushing) that while I've used SQL
databases for a decade, and Python for several years,
and even followed this mailing list for a couple of
years, I have so far avoided using any database
interface in Python, and instead post-processed
text-files containing SQL output or done database
access through os.popen etc. This works, but it's
not as smooth as it could be...

I thought it would be time to actually integrate
Python and some SQL databases a little better.
I'm currently working with DB2 in Solaris and NT.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any DB2
dbi (at least not in the module list in the SIG
web page or anywhere else where I looked...).

As I'm currently reading 'Python Programming on Win32'
(which I can happily recommend to anyone who works
with a Windows or NT) I tried out the ODBC package
in PythonWin. With some trial and error I (just)
managed to log in with odbc.odbc('DBNAME/user/passwd')
I'm _so_ happy :-) but a problem remains...

How do I run this in our _real_ environment:

As far as I understand mxODBC works happily in
Unix, but I don't think DB2 talks ODBC there.
I understood that there is some kind of iODBC
thingie that works under Unix, but I still don't
grok it. How could that talk to the DB2 databases
in our lovely Sun Enterprice 2000 Servers? Routing
via my NT station that has a ODBC interface to the
DB2 client, and then back to the Sun machine again?
Somehow, that doesn't sound very efficient...or am
I missing something (except a DB2 dbi ;-).

Please, someone, write me a DB2 dbi at once!
Sorry, I should go to sleep now, but anyway,
if there are any other Pythonians with DB2 out
there, I'd be thrilled to get tips about this.

TIA, Magnus

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