[DB-SIG] Python, DB2, Solaris and NT

Magnus Lycka Magnus Lycka <magnus@thinkware.se>
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 00:00:22 +0200

Citerar Christopher Petrilli <petrilli@amber.org>:
> Actually, the DB2 "API" is called CLI, and is the same basic API as
> ODbC, as they are derived from the sam standard (x/open CLI).  I
> believe mxODBC support DB2 directly... you hould look :-)

Right, as I looked through the DB2 docs I found some
stuff about ODBC under Unix so I guess there is hope.
If this is basically the same i/f as the native DB2
API it might not even be slower?

Anyway, I imagine I'll have to fiddle with odbc.ini
files etc which is a complication since I'm neither
sysadmin nor dba in this systems, and officially there
is no such thing as Python in this house. As an
external consultant it might not be good to be too
creative. Anyway, concrete Python/DB2 experiences
would be good---we really lack an automated way of
doing system tests here (except for things that can
be tested from the GUI), and my idea was to write
Python scripts that would load databases, run test
cases, inspect databases, evaluate and report...

Maybe I'll have to try it out under Linux at home,
and come back with a 'package'. That sound like
much more work...

Anyway...sleepy sleepy time in Europe now...

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