[DB-SIG] Python, DB2, Solaris and NT

Patrick Phalen python-db-sig@teleo.net
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:53:53 -0700

[Magnus Lycka, on Wed, 12 Apr 2000]
:: I have to admit (blushing) that while I've used SQL
:: databases for a decade, and Python for several years,
:: and even followed this mailing list for a couple of
:: years, I have so far avoided using any database
:: interface in Python, and instead post-processed
:: text-files containing SQL output or done database
:: access through os.popen etc. This works, but it's
:: not as smooth as it could be...

No need to blush! Noone is born knowing that stuff and I suspect some
of us lurk here despite that fact that we prefer to while away our time
as programmers, rather than as database administrators, no?

You prompt another question from me, for the list.

The Database Topics pages on www.python.org are well done and seem
pretty up to date. But it seems like it would be useful, especially for
pythoneers like me who don't live and breath that stuff, if there were
a FAQ with a table of comparisons for all the databases for which
Python has a module or API.

This would help people trying to match their requirements to a
Python-oriented solution without undue hunting. Specifically, it would
be useful for first-timers to be able to do a quick scan on one page for
such things as python dependancies, as well as factors like thread
safety, bucket limits, and so forth.

Does such a thing exist? If not, does anyone else agree it might help
the Python cause? Would it be interesting to someone to create it, if
they're knowledgable enough (I'm not)? If no one person has global
knowledge, maybe it could be done as a Wiki, with people adding to it
as needed.

Just a thought ...