[DB-SIG] Python, DB2, Solaris and NT

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 11:12:41 +0200

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> Citerar Patrick Phalen <python-db-sig@teleo.net>:
> > a FAQ with a table of comparisons for all the databases for which
> > Python has a module or API.
> >
> > This would help people trying to match their requirements to a
> > Python-oriented solution without undue hunting.
> Sounds like a splendid idea. A Wiki or similar
> arrangement would obviously have the advantage
> that anyone can add whatever information that
> might be relevant, and I think we a civilized
> enough to do this in a reasonably controlled way.
> A collection of experiences would certainly be
> helpful, and if someone would do the effort of
> keeping some kind of table with side-by-side
> comparisions up-to-date, it would be even better.

Perhaps someone could install the faqwiz.py on the DB
SIG pages somewhere... this would work much like
what you have in mind here -- provided people use it.

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