[DB-SIG] DCOracle only allows one connection?

Christopher Petrilli petrilli@amber.org
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 17:06:17 -0400

pehr anderson [pehr@eink.com] wrote:

> I'm using Oracle 8.1.5 on RedHat 6.1 with python-1.5.2-7.
> I've tried DCOracle-1.3.0=20
> 	ZOracleDA-2.2.0b1-src.tgz
> 	ZOracleDA-2.1.0-nonbin.tgz =20
> My goal is to use this with Zope.=13
> DCOracle seems to only allow one connection per python
> session. If I try to connect again, it dumps core.
> I realize I should set up one connection with a
> long-running process, but for convenience I set up=20
> a Zope external method that would open a connection,=20
> do a transaction and close.=20

Wow, his is amazingly ineffecient, there's a *HUGE* overhead in
creating connections.

> Has anyone else run into this?  I'm only using one
> database so persistant connections will work for my app.
> I imagine some people will require better behavior.

Yes, it has to do with stupidity in 8.1.5 that blows up with the
"single statement login" that 8.0 uses.  So we've got some patches
we're tsting that fix it on 8.1.5, but of course don't work on
8.0.5. o there's a huge amount of conditional code :/

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