[DB-SIG] PyGresSql help

Jim Johannsen jjsa@gvtc.com
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:38:47 -0600

I am trying to use PyGresSQL to connect Python and Postgress.   I have
managed to connect to the db, but cannot update the database with a list

or with strings.  I have tried the following code w/o success:

cnx.query("INSERT INTO county VALUES(%s,%s,%s)")  %(Ldata[0], Ldata[1],
cnx.query("INSERT INTO county VALUES('%s,%s,%s')")  %(Ldata[0],
Ldata[1], Ldata[3])

cnx.query("INSERT INTO  county VALUES(%s,%s,%s)") %(x,y,z)  where x,y
and z are strings.

and countless variations of the above.  Every variation but the correct

I have also tried to insert lists through the inserttable function.
Can't get it to update either.
I can insert hard coded values  into the database so I know I can
insert,  just not by reference.

Could some one point out the error of my ways.