[DB-SIG] Next Version

alexander smishlajev als@ank-sia.com
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 08:13:08 +0200

Stuart 'Zen' Bishop wrote:
> A common parmstyle could easily be faked with regular expressions
> (although I agree this would be best left up to a higher
> abstraction layer - perhaps a db library included with a future
> python distribution).

what are you talking about?  i failed to find any indices that
such thing exist somewhere.

> At the moment, an autocommit mode _cannot_ be handled at a higher
> abstraction layer by checking for the existance of the rollback
> method and explicitly calling commit after every transaction if
> autocommit mode is on. For reasons why, have a look at footnote 3
> of the API. Perhaps the addition of a module global
> 'transactionsupport'.
>     0 - No rollback
>     1 - rollback to last commit
> Higher integers would be used if the API ever supports more advanced
> transaction mechanisms (are any of these standard?).

i think i saw mechanisms like nested transactions and named
transactions.  with 'named' i mean having identifier of any kind,
e.g. tuple (gtrid, bqual) for oracle global transactions.  named
transactions may also be nested to known level (including zero,
i.e. no embedded transactions).

> Could we have a Footnote stating that a higher level abstraction layer
> is envisaged to add functionality such as:
>     autocommit
>     generic parameter style
>     minimum thread safety (?)
>     advanced row retrieval (rows returned as dictionary or user specified
>     class)
>     other frequent requests as approved :-)
> BTW - is anyone working on this, or should I sketch out an API for
> general mirth and ridicule?

i was hoping to do this, but did not yet manage to produce
anything.  please do it if you can.  i miss the comfort of perl
DBI very much.  

best wishes,