[DB-SIG] Next Version (was: Preparing statement API)

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:06:39 +1100

>>> alexander smishlajev wrote
> - list of available (configured) data sources.

This isn't available for all databases.

> - list of database users: logon name, groups/roles

how can I get this from, e.g., a remote Oracle server, without logging
in to the server with a user with some sort of administrative privileges?

> - list of user groups (roles): name, members


> - list of database objects: owner (schema), name, type (table,
> view, alias/synonym, procedure etc.), temporary object flag,
> server-specific info and maybe permission list?  synonyms must
> point to corresponding object.

this is so totally and utterly db-specific that it _must_ be done
in a higher level layer. To do otherwise is to risk insanity.

> and...  in api spec v2.0 i cannot find anything about writing
> blobs to database.  am i missing something?

last time I looked, you had to do special magic for each different
type of database. it would be nice if the DB-SIG API included this,
but I can see it being pretty nasty.

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