[DB-SIG] Mirroring DBs with Python

Brad Howes bradh@mediaone.net
09 Jul 2000 16:37:43 -0400

Timothy Wilson <wilson@visi.com> writes:

> Let's assume I've got Oracle running on Solaris at a remote site, accessible 
> via the Internet. The database is made of many tables with data referring to
> many different schools. I'd like to do a query on that remote database,
> pulling out the data that refers to my school only, and mirror the results
> to a local DB running on Linux while maintaining the exact same table
> structure. The local DB would likely be PostgreSQL or MySQL. (The overall
> goal is to make that data accessible via Zope.) That local DB could be
> read-only.

Oracle now(?) sells a product called iCache, which does just this. My company
is trying it out. The nice thing about it (apart from the performance boost) is
that it is all managed thru their Java Enterprise Manager.

As to your specific goal, it is doable -- just takes time and effort migrating
the data from one DB to another.

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