[DB-SIG] PoPy Licence

Eric Bianchi eric@mixadlive.com
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 16:46:19 +0000

Dear PoPy and zpopyda users,

there has been a lot of discussion lately concerning the GPL issue of PoPy on
zope mailing list, python mailing list and even in the Mixadlive itself.

We have been thinking a lot since there.

On one hand, we are very concerned about using and developing free software
available for the community, on the other hand, we want to provide the best product
for our user and give them the availability to enjoy popy as much as we do
without having licence issue, that's free software...

We have developed PoPy to work faster and cleaner and since we are using it,
our work get easier than ever.

That's why we have chosen to modify licences of PoPy and zpopyda and put them
under the LGPL licence. 

We hope you'll enjoy that

for comments and questions please use our mailing list :


the PoPy team