[DB-SIG] Python advocacy

jmcgraw jmcgraw" <jmcgraw@databill.com
Wed, 10 May 2000 13:18:29 -0700

Hello all,

I'm working with a multiplatform (Linux/Unix/Win32/...) database server
called Ovrimos.  It has some nice features, but _no_ way to access the
server from within Python on Unix (no Python interface, no Unix ODBC
driver).  I'm trying to develop an application based on FreeBSD.

The following is an a snip from Dimitrios Souflis at Altera, the company
that makes Ovrimos:

>Although I have absolutely no knowledge of Python, I've been posing
>the issue every now and then for the past 2 years. Unfortunately,
>it doesn't seem to convince the management. Currently, they're
>infatuated with PHP. Do you have any concrete numbers of the
>following of Python, that I could use? (Or even convince many of
>your friends to email requesting a Python interface? ;-> )
>We'd probably have already written the ODBC driver for Unix, had we
>had an SDK for it. As it stands, I suspect that we have to write
>sql.h and sqlext.h by hand. And I don't even know how such a driver
>is _called_. Is it dlopen'ed directly, is there a Driver Manager?
>Our ODBC Reference covers only Windows (to be frank, I didn't even
>know there were ODBC drivers for Unix till a year ago).
>If you already use ODBC for Unix, you could point us to relevant
>resources. Since we put a lot of weight on ODBC, and the Windows
>driver is already written, a Unix port seems less distant that
>writing the Python interface from scrach. If you provide me with
>some starting point, I promise to raise the issue again.
>Best regards,
>Dimitrios Souflis                dsouflis@ovrimos.com
>Ovrimos S.A., Greece             http://www.altera.gr/dsouflis
>>>TinyScheme download site:      http://www.altera.gr/dsouflis/tinyscm.html

I would appreciate anyone that's interested sending him an email
(dsouflis@ovrimos.com) indicating interest.  Apparently Python is not even
on their radar screen.

I apologize for the lengthiness of this message.


Joel Mc Graw
DataBill, LLC