[DB-SIG] RE: mxODBC performance question

David Bolen db3l@fitlinxx.com
Mon, 29 May 2000 15:18:28 -0400

M.-A. Lemburg [mal@lemburg.com] writes:

> SQLExecDirect() is currently not used, but would be a good candidate
> for the case where you don't have any parameters and keeping the
> prepared command around is not important. I'll add that to my TODO
> list.

Thanks - FYI, I experimented with adding a method for that command to mxODBC
and the Python script's runtime immediately dropped down to virtually the
same as that of the original Perl script.  So at least in WAN cases,
permitting access to the SQLExecDirect() if parameters aren't used can be a
big time saver.

> You should definitely consider using bound parameters, since
> these fit your problem quite nicely (fixed SQL statement + 
> variable query values).

Precisely, and I expected to do that as the next step - the problem was that
the easiest method of verification of the new script was a comparison of the
commands being executed, so I sort of need to stick with the full strings
initially until we have some parallel runtime under our belts.


-- David

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