[DB-SIG] DB2 Python module 0.9

Man-Yong Lee manyong@gnu.org
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 16:36:35 +0900

Annouce: IBM DB2 Module

Hi, everyone. I've just finished (not completely) IBM DB2
Python module to use IBM's RDBMS, IBM DB2.

This is just a 4-day work. So there must be something wrong
but it work anyway.  Actually this post is a request for help
and suggestion about my work.

Test environment is like these:

  - Linux 2.2.17
  - glibc 2.1.3
  - IBM DB2 V7.1 (Developer Edition)
  - Intel Platform & S/390 (with Linux)

Just import DB2 and...

  >>> conn = DB2.connect(dsn='sample')
  >>> curs = conn.cursor()
  >>> curs.execute('blah blah...')

Thanks to everybody who've tried to make Python a real
salvation from other languages. :)

Download site is like this:


Bryan Lee

Happy Python!
                Man-Yong (Bryan) Lee, CTO of LinuxKorea, Inc