[DB-SIG] Sybase module 0.31 released

Dave Cole djc@object-craft.com.au
03 Aug 2001 11:47:04 +1000

What is it:

The Sybase module provides a Python interface to the Sybase relational
database system.  It supports all of the Python Database API, version
2.0 with extensions.

Commercial support is available for this module.  Please refer to our
website for details:


For those people who do not have LaTeX installed there is a PDF
document.  These is also a PostScript document which prints out a
handy A5 booklet on an A4 duplex printer.

The module and documentation are all available on here:



Timothy Docker reported and fixed two bugs one of which was quite

Derek Harland supplied a patch to allow mxDateTime.DateTime objects to
be supplied as parameters to cursor.execute().

Changes for this release

1) The Connection.execute() method was incorrectly returning DATETIME
   column values.  This was due to a bug in the internal DataBuf
   implementation which always returned the DATETIME value at index 0
   in the buffer regardless of the fact that the buffer contained 16
   column values.

   Note that the Cursor.execute() method was not affected since it
   only allocates buffers for one row.

   Thanks to Timothy Docker for fixing this.

2) The internal Sybase.py context initialisation was being performed
   before the DB-API exceptions were defined.  If the initialisation
   failed the module tried to raise an exception which had not been
   defined.  Ooops.

   Thanks to Timothy Docker for fixing this.

3) The internal DateTime object no longer allows you to modify the
   cracked datetime attributes.  Previously you may have been fooled
   into thinking that modifying these attributes would change the
   internal value...

   Thanks to Derek Harland for pointing this out.

4) You can now pass an mxDateTime.DateTime object as a parameter to

   Thanks to Derek Harland for implementing this feature.

- Dave