[DB-SIG] Any standards beyond DB API?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Sat, 03 Feb 2001 13:32:55 +0100

"Dittmar, Daniel" wrote:
> > The URL for the Python DB interface I found was:
> >
> >       http://www.sap.com/solutions/technology/sapdb/
> >
> > Unfortunately, it's only for Python 1.5.2.
> There are Python 2.0 versions for Linux and Windows at
> ftp://ftp.sap.com/pub/sapdb/patch/, look for sapdb-python20*.

> > A distribution for
> > Unix or at least Linux would also be a great thing to have
> The Python API is part of every database installation, at least those made
> available through www.sapdb.org.

I noted that -- you also seem to deliver part of the Python 1.5.2
lib along with the server; why is that ? (I mean, why not the whole
> > I think you should
> > consider using distutils to keep up to date
> right, except for
> - I haven't really found the time to look into distutils
> - the binary distribution contains only one file (two when the DB API
> compatibility module is added)
> - it isn't implemented on top of a published API, so packing all the headers
> and sources and tools and ... is not trivial

Oh, you don't have to include any header files. All you have to
do is tell distutils where to look for these.

Writing setup.py files is really simple if you don't need any
of the more elaborate features of distutils (like compiling external
C libraries). As a result you get package creation for free --
as Windows installer, RPM package or distutils installer.

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