[DB-SIG] Acessing DBISAM files via mxODBC

Kent Tenney kent@springfed.com
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:03:19 -0600


This is the first time I've run from the command line, I was=
errors when I ran the cur.execute('SQL...') from the interactive=
of ActiveState Python.

It does look like I have a cursor which is hooked to the data=

Is it common to get different results from interactive Pythonwin=
sending a file to python.exe?


On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 22:20:12 +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
Kent Tenney wrote:
> Marc-Andre,
> Thanks for the prompt reply.
> I ran python -d test_db.py
> this is the contents of test_db.py;
> import ODBC.Windows as odbc
> con =3D odbc.Connect('photos', user=3D'', password=3D'')
> cur =3D con.cursor()
> cur.execute('select * from SPM_Link')
> I see from the log file that the program knows about the
> data in the file. Is there another way to execute an SQL=
> other than as a cursor method?

No, you always have to use a cursor (ODBC requires this).

Are you sure that the above script does not run ? The log
indicates that the .execute() ran just fine... (otherwise
the log file wouldn't contain the prepare output lines) ?!

> Thanks,
> Kent
> This the resulting mxODBC.log
> --- New Log Session --- Sun Feb 11 12:09:15 2001
> Importing the DateTime C API...
>  module found
>  API object found
>  API object initialized.
> sizeof(mxODBCursor_Variable)=3D76
> mxODBC_New: server=3D'photos', uid=3D'', passwd=3D'', clearAC=3D1
> mxODBC_New: created new connection at 0x7ba170
> mxODBCursor_New: created new cursor '<no name>' at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_Execute: preparing statement 'select * from=
> mxODBCursor_Execute: number of params in statement: 0
> mxODBCursor_Execute: executing command without parameters
> mxODBCursor_FreeVars: called for cursor at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_PrepareOutput: colcount=3D2 rowcount=3D11809
> mxODBCursor_PrepareOutput: column 0: name=3D'FileID' type=3D4=
 precision=3D4 scale=3D0 nullable=3D1
> mxODBCursor_PrepareOutput: column 1: name=3D'KeywordID' type=3D4=
 precision=3D4 scale=3D0 nullable=3D1
> mxODBCursor_Free: called for cursor at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_FreeVars: called for cursor at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_FreeVars:  freeing output variable array
> mxODBCursor_FreeParameters: called for cursor at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_Close: called for cursor at 0x7ba010
> mxODBCursor_Close:   error cancelling; rc=3D-1mxODBCursor_Close: =
  stmt freed
> mxODBC_Free: called for connection at 0x7ba170
> mxODBC_Close: called for connection at 0x7ba170, closed=3D0
> mxODBC_Close:  disconnect
> mxODBC_Close:  free connection

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