[DB-SIG] Opinion License mxODBC-Module

Dr. Dieter Maurer dieter@sz-sb.de
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:05:16 +0100 (CET)

Matthias Kirst writes:
 > - mxODBC , the quasi-standard ODBC - module has a commercial developer
 > license which costs almost 1500 US$
 > What will happen to Python when all of the other modules like pyXML will
 > switch to this licensing model ??!!
I fear, that's the long term fate of open source software when
they grow mature and must provide a living for their creators/maintainers.

Your options are:

 * stick with an older version that was still free for commercial use

 * develop your own ODBC interface and (maybe) allow it to be
   freely used for commercial purposes.

 * go through COM to access your databases

In principle, companies should be prepared to contribute to the
refinancing of the software they use.

The price for mxODBC may be
a bit too high, though. But, it is a new company, it must
still find the adequate market prices for its products.