[DB-SIG] Opinion License mxODBC-Module

Andreas Jung Andreas Jung" <ajung-ml@andreas-jung.com
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There are lots of small companies who live from one or two products. None of
could live from open-source alone. 1500 US$ is a lot of money but remember:
it's still free for private use. When you are working on a commercial
project then your
budget should be large enough to pay this sum. I have been involved in
where we used open-source software if possible. But in most cases the costs
for hardware are much higher than the costs for software (except costs for
development). E.g. when I must pay 250.000 $ for hardware I should have
enough money
in budget to pay a "small" license fee to a small company. Open-source will
also profit
from this.

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> I have the following understandings of Python and databases:
> - Python is free even for commercial use
> - Database connectivity is one of the key features
> - ODBC is one of the standards for connecting to a database under
> Windows-OS
> But :
> - mxODBC , the quasi-standard ODBC - module has a commercial developer
> license which costs almost 1500 US$
> What will happen to Python when all of the other modules like pyXML will
> switch to this licensing model ??!!
> Using Python for commercial projects will cost thousands of dollars from
> the start up.
> That taking into account Microsoft with its Visual Studio will
> definitely make the race.
> Matthias.
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