[DB-SIG] about module.Binary()

Federico Di Gregorio fog@mixadlive.com
05 Jun 2001 11:43:26 +0200

just one fast question: does the dbapi require Binary objects to quote
their contents? i.e., is the following code right (assuming postgresql
or any other database that uses ' to enclose strings and that need it to
be quoted)?

>>> import psycopg
>>> bin = psycopg.Binary("this is a string that needs 'quoting'")
>>> print str(bin)
'this is a string that needs ''quoting'''
>>> print repr(bin)
"'this is a string that needs ''quoting'''"

note how the module enclosed the string in ' to allow for:

>>> cursor.execute("INSERT INTO test VALUES (%(str)s)", {'str', bin})

in a more general way, the object returned by a constructor has to
provide the quotes (when requested by the db) or not? for example:

t = psycopg.Date(2001, 7, 5)
print str(t)

should print 2001-07-05 or '2001-07-05'?

enough for now, ciao,

Federico Di Gregorio
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