[DB-SIG] db.update() in pygresql fails!

Julian Gollop julian.gollop@ntlworld.com
Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:10:33 +0100

Hello everybody,
I have just started using pygresql with postgreSQL version 7.0.2, and python
The db wrapper class seems really convenient, but my code fails

from pg import *

conn = DB('codo', user='postgres' )
tgame = conn.get( 'lsn_game', gameVar['game_id], 'game_id' )         #get
record for game
conn.update( 'lsn_game', tgame )
#update record

the update() fails with

KeyError: 'lsn_game'

I am sure this should work. I am not sure what version of the pg module this
is (it came with the python 1.5.2)

Any help would be appreciated.