[DB-SIG] International characters in database table names

Ryan Weisenberger ryanw@inktomi.com
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 15:48:16 -0700

We're currently using mxODBC 1.1.1 to retrieve content from databases for 
our search engine product.

Recently we've started running into the problem of international characters 
in database table names and column names.

What is the standard for this?  Currently, trying to send a unicode SQL 
query in mxODBC 1.1.1 causes an error (exceptions.TypeError: SQL command 
must be a string).  I'm assuming that this is resolved in mxODBC 2.0, but 
I'm not sure how to use it.

Can anyone describe to me what the "standard" method is for accessing 
content stored in a table or column with an international character set? 
(using mxODBC, if possible.)

Thanks a lot,
Ryan Weisenberger
Inktomi Corp.