[DB-SIG] DCOracle2 Beta 2

Matt Kromer matt@digicool.com
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 23:06:19 -0400


DCOracle2 is a Python binding to Oracle 8.

DCOracle2 is a replacement for DCOracle, written primarily
in C. DCOracle 1 uses OCI 7 bindings for most Oracle calls,
with OCI 8 mixed in for LOB support.  Oracle 8i disallows
mixing of calls within a statement, and so breaks LOB
support. DCO2 uses entirely OCI 8 calls, and thus can use

New in this Release

Beta 2
Fix ZOracleDA attempting to fetch on non-select. Add
explicit C Cursor.close() to break cycle allowing cursor to
be deallocated. Change fetchmany() and fetchall() to return
None if no results remain rather than []. Several
connection/cursor and cursor/procedure cycle deferring
actions. SPARC byteorder fixes for stored procedures.

Also, binary builds are available for Solaris and Linux


This release contains both DCOracle2 and a slightly modified
ZOracleDA; it will register as ZOracleDA would (to silently
upgrade Oracle connections) and thus cannot be run
concurrently with ZOracleDA/DCOracle.


To replace ZOracleDA, untar into lib/python/Products and
make, move ZOracleDA out of lib/python/Products, and rename
lib/python/Products/DCO2 to lib/python/Products/ZOracleDA.


This release is intended for testing with ZOracleDA feature
compatibility (including LOB support) and is also intended
for general use.


NT support has been tested, Microsoft Visual Studio project
files are included; this has only received testing with
Oracle 8.0 and Oracle 8.1 on Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT;
a wider variety of platform experience is welcomed.


The product is available at http://www.zope.org/Members/matt/dco2