[DB-SIG] Taking exeptions to threads and Access...

kromag@nsacom.net kromag@nsacom.net
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 13:51:17 -0700 (PDT)

Anthony Tuininga <Anthony@COMPUTRONIX.com> said: 

> Yes, I was just trying to see if the value of the OpenDatabase() call was
> None; one way is to "print db" as you have done; the other is to have the
> statements
> if db is None:
> or something similar.

How about "AAAIIIIGHH!"?

> I have not used OpenDatabase() using the COM stuff -- ODBC is irritating to
> me and I prefer to use the Python DB API instead in any case. 

You and me both! 

> What database
> are you trying to access? There are several modules available and it is
> likely that your database is supported by one of them.....

It is *choke* Access97 SR2. If there is a better module than win32com.client 
I will be glad to give it a whirl. Suggestions anyone?