[DB-SIG] Re: any 2.0-compliant packages for postgresql? (Andy Dustman)

Federico Di Gregorio fog@mixadlive.com
30 Jun 2001 01:25:14 +0200

On 29 Jun 2001 12:34:39 -0400, Billy G. Allie wrote:
> I agree with Andy's statement.  That is how I implemented execute in my
> PostgreSQL DB-API 2.0 module, PyPgSQL.  You always use '%s' (or '%(name)s')
> as placeholder in the query string and PyPgSQL will apply the correct quoting
> based on the type of the parameter.

carefully looking at the dbapi and at the postings on this ml, this is,
imo, wrong. the '' should be added by the driver not by the user. is
this right? is this what the dbapi is trying to say in footnote 5?

can someone of the original authors of the dbpai-2.0 please clarify?

federico (going to add quoting to psycopg... :)

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