[DB-SIG] PoPy docs

Siggy Brentrup bsb@winnegan.de
16 Mar 2001 08:01:01 +0100

Timothy Wilson <wilson@visi.com> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> A student and I are working on a project to build an inventory system for
> our science dept. using PostgreSQL and PoPy (and eventually Zope). We're
> having a hard time finding documentation on PoPy. Any suggestions? I've
> looked over v2.0 of the API and that's helpful, but I can't even connect
> properly to the database.
> I've got PostgreSQL 7.0.x on Debian w/ Python 1.5.2 and PoPy 2.0.1. If I'm
> logged in to the machine, what would the connection syntax be? The database
> is called 'supplydb' and everything else is standard. Any pointers?

Just from the top of my head:

import PoPy
conn = PoPy.connect('dbname=supplydb')

if you're running as a user allowed to connect to PostgreSQL.

For the other connection parameters, UTSL :)
   apt-get source python-popy 
is your friend :)


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