executemany ('SELECT ...') (was: [DB-SIG] DBAPI-2.0 clarifica tions)

Dittmar, Daniel daniel.dittmar@sap.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:13:17 +0100

> > The point was: should the use of .nextset () be mandatory or is the
> > driver/database allowed to put everything into one result set.
> Yes, please make .nextset() mandatory. We will need to clarify this
> in the DB API spec. (still waiting for those patches ;-)

Just want to state my formal protest against this (mainly because I would
have to treat INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE different from SELECT *before* executing,
something I avoided so far).

> > What I would suggest:
> > 
> > Add a chapter 'Implementation defined features' to the standard.
> > - this would allow to be specific about being non specific
> > - that's a place to add example code which would implement 
> a specific
> > behaviour. For the .executemany ('SELECT ...'), it could be a cursor
> > implementation which does .nextset () implicit, thus 
> imitating a single
> > result set. Or an implementation of .executemany () which 
> does an .execute
> > ('SELECT ..') with the next parameter set on a .nextset (). 
> This example
> > code helps both driver implementors and driver users.
> > - it gives a structure to the driver documentation, as the 
> writer would have
> > to fill in the details for each implementation specific feature.
> Good idea. Would you be willing to write up a starter ?

OK, I'll try. Being fairly new to the DB API, I would appreciate if those
with more experience could send me some topics that were portability issues
in the past.


Daniel Dittmar
SAP DB, SAP Labs Berlin