executemany ('SELECT ...') (was: [DB-SIG] DBAPI-2.0 clarifica tions)

Federico Di Gregorio fog@mixadlive.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:39:29 +0100

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Dittmar, Daniel's letter:
> > > The point was: should the use of .nextset () be mandatory or is the
> > > driver/database allowed to put everything into one result set.
> > 
> > Yes, please make .nextset() mandatory. We will need to clarify this
> > in the DB API spec. (still waiting for those patches ;-)
> Just want to state my formal protest against this (mainly because I would
> have to treat INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE different from SELECT *before* executing,
> something I avoided so far).

i almost finished to write those little adjustments and clarifications
we talked about. i was waiting for this discussion to finish before
sendig the patch to this ml (the new html document accompained by a diff
is enough?) 

i propose to:

1/ discuss a little bit on the "form" of the trivial arguments
   (english is not my native language) like cursor isolation, 
   and then incorporate them as DBAPI-2.0 (nothing really changes 
   from the old api)

2/ discuss a little bit more on "hot" stuff like executemany()
   (see formal protest above) and then write a revised dbapi (2.1?)

i am quite new to this list, so i have a question: how was the
dbapi document produced? how does the sig decide on controversial
arguments like executemany()?

expect the patches for tomorrow morning CET, ciao,