[DB-SIG] Multiple Connections??

Dr. Dieter Maurer dieter@sz-sb.de
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:19:21 +0200 (CEST)

O'Rourke Clodagh-corour01 writes:
 > I'm using the informixdb module with Python 1.5.2.  In a function I connect to a db and after some sql close the connection.  Then I called another function which creates a connection to the same db.  However I am getting the following error
 > InformixdbError: Error -27000 performing LOGON: Cannot support multiple connections over shared memory
 > I have a connection.close() statement before calling the second function.  Is there any other way to delete a connection.  Or is the any way of debugging or monitoring all db connections.
I have seen similar problems with DCOracle inside Zope.
However, this is a very complex application and, probably, close
is not called in this case.

I cannot help you with the precise question.

However, if you do not need a new connection, e.g. for
a new login, you could use a connection cache instead
of explicitly opening and closing the connection.

Maybe, you can also work around the problem, by choosing
a different connection type (as the error message suggests
that multiple connections are supported unless they
use "shared memory").