[DB-SIG] Optional DB API Extensions

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:37:32 +0100

"Fred L. Drake, Jr." wrote:
> M.-A. Lemburg writes:
>  > Fred will know what the time line is for 2.2 documentation and
>  > whether the DB API fits in there... Fred ?
>   I don't follow the db-sig, so perhaps I'm missing some context.
> Given that there are no DB-API implementations in the standard
> library, why should the DB-API specification be included in the
> documentation?  

Even though there are no standard DB API modules in the
dist, these informative PEPs (the DB-API was converted to a informative
PEP some time ago) would be of benefit to the Python user.

Perhaps we could add a new PEP section to the docs somewhere ?!
(One which includes informative and accepted final PEPs ?)

> On first thought, I'd expect it to appear in the
> standard documentation when an implementation is shipped as part of
> the standard library.
>   If there's something I'm missing on this, please feel free to bring
> me up to speed.
>   Regarding the schedule, I'm hesitant to add any more substantial
> components beyond what's already being worked on.  We've added a lot
> of material for this release (the compiler and email packages, and
> Tkinter/GUI chapter is being prepared), and those have had far too
> little editorial review as it is.
>   I'll try to take a look at the DB-API spec sometime next week, but
> I'm afraid my evening hours are largely unavailable at the moment due
> to some other projects.

Ok, so let's put this off for this release and try to go for the
next one.

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