[DB-SIG] List spam

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 15:38:49 +0100

This has nothing to do with databases, just want to get this last
message out; hope you don't mind...

akuchlin@mems-exchange.org wrote:
> >A much better idea would be to add more spam protection to the
> >Mailman installation at python.org, so that messages from non-members
> >which have a high spam level are first passed to the moderator
> >for approval *before* going to the list.
> What does "high spam level" mean? 

We discussed this on python-dev I think: spam level is a way to
measure the probability with which a message probably contains
(non-Python) spam. The technique to define this level usually
involves a few word filters and some headers checking with the 
results mangled into a percentage.

The percentage is then calculated for each message handled by
the mail system and ones with a high level (e.g. 95%) are
held for moderator approval.

Should be simple to add to Mailman and thus all python.org
based mailing lists.

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