[DB-SIG] Result from DCOracle2 different from sqlplus

paul@boddie.net paul@boddie.net
16 Nov 2001 09:07:11 -0000

<magnus@thinkware.se> wrote:
>It could actually be practical with a fixed point decimal data
>type or standard class in Python. These kinds of values are common
>in relational databases and for instance in administrative systems.
>I think COBOL has such a data type. Unfortunately, this does not
>exist in Python or in the DB-API standard.

I wrote a simple implementation of a fixed point class for my XMLForms project; 
see http://www.paul.boddie.net for details. The class is called ScaledDecimal 
and is described in some detail in the documentation, which can be found here:

  (See the "Element Type Mappings" table and the text below it.)

It isn't exactly sophisticated, but it does a lot more than the implementation 
that was floating around as part of one of the numeric PEPs.


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