[DB-SIG] Current status of Gadfly

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Fri, 05 Oct 2001 15:08:32 +0200

At 14:12 2001-10-05 +0200, Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
>In the meantime, I think we can count on Zope keeping at least parts of
>Gadfly up to date; I belive that it uses the kwParsing stuff internally.

But just as with ZODB, a reusable piece of software really needs to
be delivered as a separate component. There are certainly many uses
for both ZODB and GadFly outside Zope, so it would be very nice
if Zope Corp could make them available as separate packages. I guess
it works with ZODB through A.M. Kuchling's efforts, but it would be a
good thing if they where made accessable as separate packages at the

I guess Aaron is busy at ReportLab, but if Zope Corp has taken over
GadFly kwParsing etc, it would be much better if the page at
http://www.chordate.com/gadfly.html (which seems to have been dead
for three years--the forum is drowning in spam) was replaced with a
link to some suitable place at Zope.org.

If it is considered to much work to keep track of two more deliverables,
it would certainly be a point to at least provide proper instructions
on how to get these databases out of Zope. But if Zope Corp is to be
the leader in the Python Community, I think they should make them into
proper packages using distutil.

Considering that Python as a language is so easy to learn, it's a bit
sad that there are still so much "hidden knowledge" concerning what
modules to use. I think we need a CPAN clone really badly! (And some
books. Anyone writing "Database programming with Python"?)

IMHO a CPAN work-alike would be worth much more than all the new spiffy
features in Python 2.2! But I guess it's less fun... :-( Vault of Parnassus
is a Good Thing, but we need something with an official status which is
kept properly up to date, and where lost newbies can get proper guidence
on what to use. It would be great if there was some kind of indication
of project activity and download frequency etc, so that one could for
instance make a reasonable choise on what PostgreSQL interface etc to use.

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