[DB-SIG] Re: [Zope-dev] SQLite as a Light DB component for Zope and Python

Eron Lloyd lloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
02 Apr 2002 10:02:22 -0500

Very interesting. I think I've read about this somewhere before. The
claim of "4x faster than PostgreSQL" raised my brow. It is true that
Gadfly is becoming quite stale, and only supports a *very* limited
subset of SQL. It also would be nice to see something a bit more robust
than just shelve in the Standard Library. Gadfly is ok to begin a
prototype in, but frustrating once you quickly hit a glass ceiling in
functionality. I'm interested in seeing how well it can scale, versus
Postgres, however. Any experience?

Thanks for the info,

Eron Lloyd

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 20:54, William Trenker wrote:
> I have noticed on the DB lists lately some concern about the future of 
> Gadfly.  I have been investigating a marvelous little open-source, no 
> copyright, SQL engine called 
> <http://www.hwaci.com/sw/sqlite/index.html>SQLite: An SQL Database Engine 
> In A C Library.  I am quite experienced with Python, reasonably experienced 
> with Zope but a greenhorn at extending Python yet I had a crude but working 
> Python extension module for SQLite up and running in 2 days (most of that 
> time figuring out the Python extension conventions).  I think Python needs 
> a lightweight SQL engine as a standard module, and I think this would be a 
> good Zope product candidate as well.  I'm proposing SQLite as that 
> engine.  Here is the developer's feature list, taken from the link given above:
> Implements a large subset of SQL92.
> A complete database (with multiple tables and indices) is stored in a 
> single disk file.
> Atomic commit and rollback protect data integrity.
> Small memory footprint: less than 20K lines of C code.
> Four times faster than PostgreSQL. Twice as fast as SQLite 1.0.
> Very simple C/C++ interface requires the use of only three functions and 
> one opaque structure.
> TCL bindings included.
> A TCL-based test suite provides near 100% code coverage.
> Self-contained: no external dependencies.
> Built and tested under Linux and Win2K.
> Sources are uncopyrighted. Use for any purpose.
> The SQLite source code is 35% comment. These comments are another important 
> source of information.
> The author, <mailto:drh@hwaci.com>D. Richard <mailto:drh@hwaci.com>Hipp, is 
> a computer science Ph.D. who knows his stuff.  This is not green software, 
> it is well designed and tested.  It was first released in May 2000 and is 
> very actively updated and supported.
> Thanks for listening.
> Bill Trenker
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