[DB-SIG] return value of .fetchall() with an empty result set

brian zimmer bzimmer@ziclix.com
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 06:41:53 -0500

> Brian,
> All of the db modules I use return data==() ( or data==[] ) when 
> fetchall returns no rows.

zxJDBC does now as well ;)

> This is consistent both with Python and SQL because your 
> query is valid 
> but returns an empty set. I wouldn't expect a cursor method 
> to raise an 
> exception unless some part of the database operation is incorrect or 
> fails and I wouldn't expect a valid call to return None, but 
> that would 
> be better than raising an exception.
> The DB-API 
> (http://www.python.org/topics/database/Databas> eAPI-2.0.html) 
> is not entirely clear on this subject, so 
> maybe some clarification is 
> required. I would suggest that when writing your own database handler 

I think it should be spelled out as it is for the other two .fetchXXX()

> that the most important thing is to be consistent in how you 
> return the 
> empty set from fetchone, fetchmany and fetchall.

It is now.  I'm suprised it went this long with no one having said
anything.  I'm more suprised that I was so inconsistent.