[DB-SIG] Parameters in DCOracle2

Marcos Sánchez Provencio msanchez@grupoburke.com
22 Aug 2002 18:32:05 +0200

El jue, 22-08-2002 a las 15:28, Jekabs Andrushaitis escribió:
> > I expect this to break index usage, I suppose...
> Yes, under Oracle 7.x  this does break index usage, however
> Oracle states that in 8.x and 9.x query execution has been improved
> and LTRIM and RTRIM in most cases does not break index usage
> any more.
Now they are forced out of 7.x because of support reasons. Did I mention
I love free software?

> But still storing data in one style (with trailing spaces) and then
> trying to look it up by another style (without spaces) sounds a bad
> practice to me...

Oh, I haven't given any gory details about this db yet ;-)