[DB-SIG] Object Craft Python modules announcement

Dave Cole Mark Matthews <mem@object-craft.com.au>
12 Dec 2002 16:02:38 +1100

Hello all.

The purpose of this message is to collect some testimonials from the
users of our Open Source software.  We have recently joined Open
Source Victoria (http://www.osv.org.au), which has the stated
objective of being:

        "a new advocacy group formed to educate Victoria's (Australian)
        business and government leaders about the benefits of using
        Open Source software for both server and desktop

Your stories will be used to help the advocacy efforts of Open Source
Victoria and more importantly, raise the profile of Open Source in
general.  (Of course it also helps us and our software stand out in
the local market).

Open Source advocacy obviously lacks the benefit of an enormous
marketing budget, and therefore requires efforts at a grass roots
level.  Business and Government are generally very conservative and
need to see that other organisations have successfully deployed Open
Source products.

Our products are:

Albatross - A Toolkit for Highly Stateful Web Applications

CSV - A high performance CSV parser for Python

MSSQL - A MS SQL Server module for Python

Paint - A fast, simple Python wrapper of libart, freetype, and libpng.

sdk32 - A partial Python Wrap of the Win32 Platform SDK

Sybase - A Sybase module for Python

It may come as a surprise, but we really have very little idea of who
is using our software and what they are using it for.  We would love
to hear from you.

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Please send email to:

   Mark Matthews <mem@object-craft.com.au>

Object Craft Pty Ltd.