[DB-SIG] [ANN] pyPgSQL 2.1 released

Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
06 Jun 2002 15:44:11 +0200

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Il gio, 2002-06-06 alle 15:30, Andy Dustman ha scritto:
> On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 05:43, Gerhard H=E4ring wrote:
> > pyPgSQL v2.1 has been released. It is a bug fix release to version 2.0,=
> > also includes some enhancements.
> I'm curious... There are at least two actively maintained PostgreSQL
> interfaces (three if you count the one that comes with PostgreSQL). I've
> personally used psycopg a bit lately. What are the advantages and
> disadvantages of the various interfaces?

i think this question risks to start a flame but.. i think the main
difference between pyPgSQL and psycopg is that the first is built in two
layers (python bindings to libpq and dbapi module over it) while psycopg
does everything in pure C and in a single module (that's because psycopg
was designed for speed).

i won't say one's better than the other. they take different approaches
and (for what i know about pyPgSQL) they both are good drivers,
supported and reliable.=20

now something about psycopg: psycopg 1.0.8 has proven to be really fast
and it always release the global lock before any time-consuming task,
because it was born for multi-threaded applications. it is also very
stable and used in some large production environments. it includes
support for user-defined typecasting objects (you can write your own in
python and have them convert postfres types for you, that's how the
zpygresDA layer has been implemented).

psucopg 1.1 (development branch) supports for async queries (you can mix
both dbapi sync queries and async ones using the same api), notifies,
copy to/copy from and other postgresql specific stuff.

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