[DB-SIG] Begginer getting out of troubles... I hope.

Ignacio Guerrero ig_laselva@hotmail.com
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 03:20:15 -0300

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<P>I want to thank you for your answers. They've been more than useful. But, as you know, an answer usually leads us to new questions.</P>
<P>I've already downloaded MySQL 4.0.1 and the MySQL - Python module. I'm working on the MySQL tutorial and it's quite clear.</P>
<P>What I don'r get is the module. There is not a Mysqldb.py module but a CompatMysqldb.py and a _mysql_exceptions.py modules in \Python22\Lib\site-packages. There are some __init__.py, connections.py,converters.py, cursors.py, sets.py and times.py modules in the \lib\site-packages\MySqldb folder.</P>
<P>I thought that the one I needed was CompatMysqldb.py module so I went to the interpreter and tried:</P>
<P>&gt;&gt;&gt;import CompatMysqldb</P>
<P>&gt;&gt;&gt;print CompatMysqldb.__doc__</P>
<P>It saids something about an older version of the module, blablablabla... but then there is an example which begins with:</P>
<P>import Mysqldb</P>
<P>So, what should I do? Should I rename the file? Is that the file I need? Did I download the wrong package?</P>
<P>I havn't got to it yet. I'm still bussy learning MySQL.</P>
<P>I really don't want to bother you with every single problem I step into and I would really preffer to read some document a thousand times until I get it but again, there is no documentation on this particular module, or may be there is but I didn't find it.</P>
<P>Anyone with a compass?</P>
<P>By the way, I'm preatty confortable with the english but if any of you wants to try spanish is welcome. Unless, of course, is necessary for all of you to read the answers.</P>
<P>Thank you.<BR><BR></P>
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