[DB-SIG] Re:Beginner getting out...

Ignacio Guerrero ig_laselva@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:08:06 -0300

I want to apologize for the HTML mails I've been sending. There's a 
perfectly good explanation. I opened my Hotmail account because some friends 
of mine use its Messenger and, as I usually send my personal correspondence 
via Yahoo! mail, I decided to use this spare account to comunicate with the 
db-sig. I just wasn't aware that it was configured to send mails in HTML. I 
noticed it when I was looking for more information on the archives. My 
messages were full of tags.
About my answers... It's my first time in a mail list and I thought it would 
be nice to thank individualy to all those who helped my. Now I know, I have 
to send every answer with a CC to dg-sig.
You may not now it but you've became my teachers now, and I ment to be a 
good student.
Andy, thanks for the tip, it won't happen again. And I do hate HTML mail 

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