[DB-SIG] GadflyB5 1.0.0 pr1 - SQL Relational Database in Python

Richard Jones rjones@ekit-inc.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 11:25:38 +1000

Note: This is a prerelease for people to download the new version and kick the 
tyres. Please send all bugs to the bug tracker below. All current users of 
gadfly are encouraged to download this new version and try it against a 
backup of their database. Please make a backup. All effort has been made to 
test this release, but there's no guarantee.

GadflyB5 1.0.0 pr1 - SQL Relational Database in Python

Gadfly is a relational database system implemented in Python based on the
SQL Structured Query Language. This is the GadflyB5 release - like a NG
release only better :)

Note: Aaron Watters is not the contact for this project. The contact for
this project is richard@users.sourceforge.net.

Gadfly requires python 2.1 or later for correct operation.

Get it at:


This is the first Gadfly release in a long time, and has some significant
changes. Mostly it's the same old Gadfly, but:

- updated to use new regular expression engine (regex -> re migration)
  performed by the fine folk at the Zope Corporation (http://www.zope.com/).
- kjbuckets C extension module maintenance and updates (see the kjbuckets
  documentation for details)
- documentation cleanup
- cleanup and reorganisation of the gadfly modules, including:

  - migration to distutils-based installation
  - cleanup of SQL grammar marshalling
  - more strict (in places) unit/regression testing
  - general cleanup of the code itself
  - cleanup of networking code (note: gfclient argument list has changed!)

Please read CHANGES.txt for a complete list of changes since the last
release. There is no ongoing support available for usage, unless someone
volunteers. If you have found a bug, please submit an issue to the bug
tracker at:


If you've got a great idea for gadfly, and have the time to work on it,
please contact the gadfly project admins.