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Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
27 May 2002 00:56:26 +0200

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Il sab, 2002-05-25 alle 06:17, Gerhard H=E4ring ha scritto:
> The DB-API Connection object has commit and rollback methods, but it
> lacks a begin method.
> Not considering the implementation of an autocommit feature, does this
> mean that the DB-API module must implicitely start, and possibly roll
> back transactions at certain points?
> I guess a cursor.execute must start a new transaction, where else must a
> transaction be started? Could anybody please clarify this?

if the db support transactions a new transaction is started:

1. after .connect(), any moment just before the first .execute()
2. after .commit() or .rollback(), any time before next .execute()

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