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Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
28 May 2002 23:44:08 +0200

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Il mar, 2002-05-28 alle 21:36, Gerhard H=E4ring ha scritto:
> >From my interpretation of the DB-API specfication, it's not possible to
> put multiple SELECT statements into one execute() call. That's what
> executemany() with .nextset() is for, right? Do I really have to
> support this in a DB-API compliant module, though?

no. .nextset() is _not_ for multiple select. at least that's what was
decided after some discussion about 1y ago.

> What about multiple non-SELECT SQL statements seperated by ; in an
> execute() call (read: INSERT, UPDATE, PRAGMA).  Would this be valid?
> Again I personally would use executemany(). I'm just wondering if I have
> to have to account for it in an execute() call.

don't really know. psycopg will allow that and even to end the list with
a select but i don't know about other adapters.

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