[DB-SIG] Popy - Psycopg - PyPgSQL - PyGreSQL

Jekabs Andrushaitis jekabs.andrusaitis@tietoenator.com
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:45:59 +0200

I am using psycopg module to access PostgreSQL in Python.
It is fast, is DBAPI-2.0 compliant, I have never encountered any bugs
or glitches.

I am using it for couple intranet sites in my company, and it has never
failed me. The environment it works in is Apache, mod_python, Python,
psycopg and PostgreSQL for completely dynamic sites with about 10000
requests served daily.

I am not saying that it is best, however my advice is not to use Python
module supplied with PostgreSQL sources...

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> Il lun, 2002-09-30 alle 19:11, Marcelo Pereira ha scritto:
> > Hi there (again),
> >
> > I have download these Python interfaces to PostgreSQL and I
> haven't find
> > any documentation (just some examples, basic and advanced, but just
> > examples).
> >
> > Which is the better one?? (I know this is a question like:
> "PostgreSQL or
> > MySQL",  "RedHat or Slackware", "Vi or Emacs", ..., or
> another religious
> > question...) I just want to know which is more efficient.
> i can't say "this one is better" but i can say that psycopg is very
> solid and almost bug-free. it is also quite fast (it was designed for
> speed) but i never tried a benchmark, mainly because i think
> benchmarks
> should be done on real-world cases. note that i am its main author,
> maybe you want to wait for others' module authors to speak on
> this list
> before going for it.. :)
> > Which module do you use? I would be happy if I had a
> reference manual
> > (from any one: Popy, Psycopg, PyPgSQL or PyGreSQL).
> they all implement the dbapi-2.0 to some extent, so you should be fine
> by just reading the PEP. psycopg has a lot of example code in
> doc/examples/ and support some nice dbapi-2.0 extensions like
> connection
> pooling, user-defined typecasters (to conver postgres data ti python
> objects), etc.
> hope this helps,
> federico
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