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Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
01 Oct 2002 16:21:58 +0200

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Il mar, 2002-10-01 alle 16:39, hazmat ha scritto:

> probably one of the authors/developers of the alternative frameworks, cou=
> better answer on why they wanted to develop a new framework, rather than=20
> using/extending/fixing pygresql. or perhaps their time is better spent co=

some history, for the interested parties..=20

about 3 years ago i was working in mixad live, togheter with thierry
(PoPy's author) and we were very displeased by pygresql: no dbapi
support, a lot of zope malfunctions/locks, bad typecasting, etc. i begun
looking at the code and i found it.. well, it did not suited my taste. i
think thierry tought the same thing an proposed to write a new adapter.
at that time i had not the time to help him coding, so i just did cvs
and release maintenance, little patch integration and such. after PoPy
1.0 was released we begun discussion PoPy II (PoPy had some serious
design flaws, imo) and then our company splitted and thierry went
working/founding nekhem. we (me and michele) started to write what we
always named PoPy II, just changing its name to not "override" thierry's
anyway, i don't remember exactly why i found pygresql code so terrible
at that time. i just remember that after an 8h dive into the source tree
i tought "was a mess, much better redo it from scratch." maybe we (me
and pygresql author) just had very different programming habits.. :)

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