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Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
01 Oct 2002 17:34:11 +0200

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Il mar, 2002-10-01 alle 16:17, Gerhard H=E4ring ha scritto:

> Perhaps you can get a special deal with Federico ;-) (But I personally
> am not sure that what works for something as large as Qt as a business
> strategy will work for a Python database adapter as well.)

this does not belong really to this ML, anyway..=20

it just won't work for a little project as psycopg. but remember,
selling "alternative licenses" for psycopg is not my business model. it
just makes me feel right and helps rebalancing the proprietary vs free

if you release code you don't have to pay for anything.

if you don't release code, at least pay for others (me) doing it.

that's all.

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