[DB-SIG] Re: [Psycopg] GPL or LGPL

Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
02 Oct 2002 01:19:42 +0200

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Il mer, 2002-10-02 alle 00:04, Tom Jenkins ha scritto:

> I have read these and I don't believe the GPL fits the stated goal of=20
> Federico.
>  From why-not-lgpl
> "The GNU Project has two principal licenses to use for libraries. One is=20
> the GNU Library GPL; the other is the ordinary GNU GPL. The choice of=20
> license makes a big difference: using the Library GPL permits use of the=20
> library in proprietary programs; using the ordinary GPL for a library=20
> makes it available only for free programs.

let's restate the problem: bash is GPL'ed. should *any* sh script be
released under the GPL? or only the ones using bash extensions to
standard bourne shell? and why is python (and its extension psycopg)
diferent from a shell?

the only problem i can forsee is people mixing GPL'ed and proprietary
modules written in C in the same python, but still then, they are
independently linking with python (unless the proprietary module call
the GPL'ed one).

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