[DB-SIG] Re: [Psycopg] GPL or LGPL

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering@opus-gmbh.net
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 11:14:42 +0200

* Magnus Lycka <magnus@thinkware.se> [2002-10-02 11:10 +0200]:
> [how the GPL applies in the context of Python modules]
> I guess an ammendment to the psycopg licence text could clean
> up things, Something like:
> "Importing and using the psycopg module from a python program is not
> considered to imply combining psycopg with the importing program. In other
> words, python programs using psycopg may use other licences than GPL."

Btw. such a clarification is not without precendence. GNAT's runtime library
(GNARL) and GUILE have ammendements that read very similar.
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